You know you want to know all about me. So let’s start.

Born in Queen’s Charlotte’s Hospital. Started life as sibling number 2 out of 4. Suffer from ‘middle child syndrome’. Lived in London. Moved to Spain. Costa del Sol – how original. Spent 4 years in 4 different schools. Was forced by parents to attend a strict Spanish-only school. School was voted number one school in Andalucía.  Learnt fluent Spanish. Learnt how to play the recorder. Stayed in the same school for 10 years. Choose to study sciences instead of letters. Managed to pass 11 subjects in my final year of school. 11 final year Spanish subjects = 11 English A-Level equivalent. These subjects included Maths, Philosophy and Technical Drawing. Decided to take Spanish A-Level. Got an A* in said A-Level. Thanked parents for sending me to strict Spanish school. Thanked parents for pushing me to do my best. Joined the local sailing school. Got taught how to sail. Bought a sailing dinghy. Spent the summers teaching children how to sail. Applied for University. Got into chosen University. Didn’t take a gap year – far too cliché. Moved back to England. Started Uni in Brighton. Moved into halls. Hated the weather. Loved Brighton. Studied two years of Product Design. Took an optional placement year. Worked as a Product Design Assistant. Did the post. Made the tea. Worked my way to the top. Created web banners. Took product pictures. Designed email newsletters. Sent email newsletters. Made friends. Realised I loved graphic design. Worked nonstop for 15 months. Made logos for friends and family. Made logos for clients. Designed leaflets. Learnt so much about design layout. Fell in love with different fonts (who knew this could happen?). Learnt a lot about myself. Realised I could do anything if I put the time and effort into it. Started designing my own website. Went back to Uni to finish my degree. Was asked to work part-time at Green People. Started my final year of Uni. Started looking for graduate jobs. Finished my final year of uni. Graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree. Surprised myself. Made my parents proud. Started working in London… Follow my progress on Instagram @cre8iveflo.

Now you’re all caught up.